All About Vinhrm

All About Vinhrm

Vinhrm is an HRM application software meant for effective employee management and to meet accurate finance management to grow a business. It provides all-in-all details of a company and employee recordings that helps for easy scheduling of work and task management. Ranging from biometric settings, employee details to overall company management and financial management, Vinhrm empowers various business solutions to unleash innovation and growth of the company. Built in such a way to meet all technology changes, Vinhrm is more than a product and readily endures commitment to improve your business experience.

Designed for

The Vinhrm application software is designed for self-implementation where the sign up page helps to get started with company, employees and much more

Provides biometric

Vinhrm application software maps with biometric fingHRMrint scanner and collects all real time customized employee information integrated with punching data.

Employee data

Vinhrm helps to manage employee personal, professional and financial details including education, designation, job history and much more.


Vinhrm build team list for effective management and can generate even a relationship diagram.

Ability to handle
multiple Companies

Vinhrm offers the ability for a single client to handle multiple companies, employee registration, employee designation and re-designation or promotion details.

task management

Vinhrm can easily schedule the work of the team easily and helps to track the work in progress along with effective task management feature.


Vinhrm helps to review and update leaves and calculate monthly and yearly year balances. It facilitates online leave application and approval details with notification.


Vinhrm calendar displays the list of the upcoming events, the holidays present in a particular year, notifies various events and occasions in the coming future.


Vinhrm salary process involves the salary calculation, benefit administration and effective disbursements of salaries to employees.

Provides the all-in-all
details of the company

Vinhrm application software provides the all-in-all details of the company and the employees which includes work shift timings, offered department's, employee designation and the various company locations in a simple yet confidential manner.

Our Top Features

  • Employee Management
  • Manage Multiple Branches
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Effective Issue Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Team Management