You can mark your login attendance by showing/entering your ID card at the Biometric attendance system device where the assigned code is generated to enroll your attendances. Do the same thing when you log out and the data will be recorded accordingly.

Yes, you can view the attendance details of previous month or any month of the year by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the attendance tab on the home page
  • In the option Select Month, choose the month
  • Attendance details of that selected month will be displayed accordingly

Yes, it is possible to view your attendance data of previous year. You can view it by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the attendance tab on the home page
  • Click on the the option Select Month
  • On top of the box that appears you can see the current year. If you wanna go the previous year click the previous button on the left. Then choose a month for which the attendance data is to be seen.

You can view the holidays of the month by doing the following:

  • Go to the attendance tab from the home page
  • From the Select Month option choose a month for which you need to view the attendance
  • Then click on the Calendar View on the top right. All the marked holidays will be displayed.

If you haven’t marked your attendance on a particular day it will considered as an absent. The same will be reflected in your leave module as Absent. You can change this into any other leave types if permitted by your administrator.

The total number of hours, minutes and seconds you worked per day will be recorded in the attendance tab . To view this do as follows:

  • Click on the attendance tab
  • Down the page you can see Worked Hour and Required Hour. All the time you worked including the overtime will be mentioned in the worked hour. Required hour mentions the amount of time you need to work on a regular basis.

You can also click on a particular date from the attendance sheet to see how many hours you have worked that day.

You can edit your attendance data only if your administrator have granted you that privilege. Normally this is provided only to the administrator.

Contact your system/IT admin asap to rectify such issues as this clearly comes under their spectrum of privileges.

Yes, it is possible for the team lead to view the team members attendance if he/she is given that privilege by the administrator. To do this:

  • Go to the attendance Tab
  • Click on Daily Attendance/ Monthly Attendance tab as per requirement. You can see the daily/ monthly attendance of all the employees who come under your team.