Terms and Conditions

By availing the services of Vinhrm ,you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned underneath
(“Terms of Service”).

Vinhrm has the sole entitlement to update, customise and amend the policies mentioned in the Terms of Service occasionally upon requirements without intimation. Inclusion or updation of any new attributes or features which also encompasses the release of new tools and resources that enhance or inflate the prevailing services shall be subjected to the Terms of Service. The prospective usage of services after any such changes shall comprise of your consent to the same. You can always make a review of the most updated version of the Terms of Service anytime by going to the following link : https://Vinhrm.com/terms-and-conditions

An infringement of any of the terms and policies disclosed here will end up in the termination of your account.

Account Terms

Payment and Refunds

To avail all of our services in any form, a valid credit card is required to make necessary payments. You can get in touch with us anytime and request the desired service by making payments and you will be given an account with login credentials instantly.

Modifications to the Service and Prices

Vinhrm deserves the prerogative to amend or discontinue any services either temporarily or permanently from time to time without intimation. Prices of all services, inclusive of the monthly subscription plan fees are subjected to change upon a 30 day prior notice from us. Any such changes will be notified via mail.

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