VinHRM offers you multiple reports available in each module like Attendance, Leave, Salary etc. based on your requirements. You can choose any of these modules and generate report that suits your need.

You can create a report by following the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Reports> Create Reports
  • Enter Report Name. Make use of the filter drop-down to select particular module and select the download type.
  • Select the fields, condition and type the value
  • Click Create
  • The column dropped enables you to apply filters and to generate report data based on the filters. Select the required categories and click Save to create the report.

You will receive an email from VinHRM team to your registered email address with an OTP code. Now you have the provision to download, edit and view the report.

To download the created report,

  • Search for the report you want to download.
  • Click Download under the Action tab.
  • Enter the OTP code, verify your account and download the report.

Follow the same steps and choose edit/view under the Action tab to edit/view the generated report accordingly.